Put the Power of Postcards to Work for You!

Unlike other direct mail, there's no opening of an envelope involved – people are immediately drawn to the attractive postcard images. Even people who often ignore other "advertising mail" will read a postcard.
Direct mail and postcards specifically are one of the most effective ways of reaching your customers. It's targeted. It's personal. It's tangible. It's easy. It's measurable -- The majority of results from a mailing usually occur within the first week or two of receipt. And best of all, it's affordable!

A few stats from the United States Post Office:
98% of customers bring their mail in the day it is delivered.
77% of customers sort through their mail immediately.

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Rack cards


Keep Reminding Clients/Customers of All You Have to Offer

A client who comes to you for one thing, might not know all the services you offer. So be sure to make each client aware of everything you do, then gently remind them as you have the opportunity.


A great way to inform clients and prospects about your services is to put it in writing! Rack cards designed as a menu of services or a price list can be effective as a stand alone piece, or a serve as a complement to your brochure, especially if you want to list prices separately from your overall brochure as prices can change.


Rack cards can be displayed and utilized in all the ways that brochures.


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